Wendi Dodson is a 2L Law Student in Houston, Texas. Wendi has over 20 years experience in the legal field beginning with a B.S. in American Jurisprudence. Her legal experience includes professional work in contract management, corporate legal department support, plaintiff and defense side medical malpractice, personal injury and family law litigation.

Wendi Dodson is NOT an Attorney and nothing contained in this blog site should be taken as legal opinion or legal advice. If you need an attorney, Wendi would be happy to assist you in finding a competent attorney to meet your needs.


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Wendi Dodson

Wendi is a Graduate with Double Majors from The University of Houston. She has two daughters, who are Junior’s, studying at Texas Universities, and is married to an entrepreneurial Husband. Her fur-babies include her three rescued Russian Blue cats; Sebastian, Sasha, and Sissy, and a female betta fish named Dahli. The family household is ruled completely by two tiny 3.5 pound Chihuahuas, Tawni and Torri.

Wendi Dodson Law Student Blog
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Legal Change-Makers and the Digital Age

Legal Change-Makers and the Digital Age by Wendi Dodson It's not often that the legal world is met with original or even updated concepts.  After all, legal matters are steeped in tradition, and court decisions are...

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They Don’t Teach You Anything in Law School, by Wendi Dodson

They Don't Teach You Anything in Law School by Wendi Dodson You read that right. You will not be taught a single thing in Law School. In fact, it will be rare even for a professor...

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